Commission Accomplished

An automated solution for recruiter commissions

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Automated commission starts with data

We play well with others  :-) connect your CRM or Pay & Bill system to streamline commission calculations, and where that's not possible you can still upload CSV files, or add deals directly in app.

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Statements for all

Automatically calculate all of your commissions and generate beautiful interactive statements for your whole team

Scheme editor

No more messy spreadsheet forumulas, build and deploy your commission schemes in seconds with our in app editor


Automate clawback calculation and allocate to all effected beneficiaries with instantly generated adjustments


Calculate commission in any currency you need, from deals in any currency you have! Use our live rate, or fix your own

Realtime dashboard

Give your team proper visibility of their commission with visual dashboards including future projections

Team overrides

Incentivise managers and team leaders with overrides schemes which reward on their teams performance

Manual adjustments

Make quick manual adjustments when there's an exception to the rule, keeping your team informed at the same time


Let Konquest's pay-when-paid feature do the heavy lifting for you, and keep your team informed on who's paid and who hasn't


Get the most out of your commission

  • Visibility

  • Engagement

  • Insight

  • Forecast


Represent your schemes visually

An engaged incentive is an effective incentive, and the first step to engagement is proper visibility.

Konquest gives your team real-time visibility of their progress within your schemes. Drive motivation by clearly displaying how close the next banding or tier is, and reflect new commission instantly each time a new deal is closed.

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Get more from your biggest incentive

Visibility is the first step to ensuring your incentives are effective, but with Konquest you can take engagement to the next level.

Notify your team when new commission has been earned to supercharge motivation 🚀

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Don't just tell your team what they're earning, show them how and why

Commission can be complicated, yet it's vital that recruiters trust your calculations.

Konquest's interactive and automatically generated commission statements help your team understand which deals have contributed to their pay check, and breaks down the calculation for them.


Drive future performance and maximise drive

Don't just show your team what they've already earned, use your commission to drive future performance with projections into the future.

Konquest calculates commission for all periods which means consultants can see forecasts in real-time, on-demand.

Commission Accomplished

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